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Community Participation

We offer one of the best community support workers in Queensland. In this service, our expert professionals working with us provide personal, social, emotional and physical support to our old and disabled clients.

The personal care that we provide to them is of utmost level. Also, when it comes to the social and leisure activities, we can let you get access to the best community support worker in Queensland. At Advance Support Services, we ensure that our clients develop healthy relationships with other members in the community. Our professionals help them maintain contact with friends and family.

Also, we make sure that there are some constant recreational activities to keep them entertained. The personal care workers working with us also ensure that they are developing individual activity plans according to the needs of all of the clients. We believe it is our primary objective to create an amicable ambience during their leisure time.

Those who participate in our community service get to relish various other perks too. One of the major activities which include in this service is encouraging our client’s self-esteem. We organize seminars, workshops and support groups to help them get motivated for leading an independent life. A yet another significant daily activity that we include in our service is a constant evaluation of our community programs. We ensure that our clients get nothing but only the best services.


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