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Daily Living Life Skills

We Specialize in NDIS Disability Services. Unique Care Services encourages your loved one to lead a more independent and socially active life while building their confidence. We understand how overwhelming and daunting some daily life activities appear to some but we also know that so many of these life skills are easily attainable if you know where to start. And we do know where to start and how to get you started on the right path.


Unique Care Services supports your loved one to exercise their right to choose and control the choices and decisions that affect their daily living. Our approach is more person-centrist, so we develop an individualized support plan that focuses on their needs and well-being. Our staff are highly skilled and are able to provide reliable, innovative and flexible support to suit individual needs and goals.

Our support with daily life activities includes the following services:

  • Assistance with personal care including showering and dressing

  • Medication management

  • Assistance with the management of medical visits

  • Assistance with Transport

  • Assistance with general personal banking

  • Assistance with menu planning, shopping and cooking

  • Coordination with other support services including cleaning services, occupational therapist and psychological services

  • Assistance with Social Skills and communication

  • Social-Emotional Counselling

  • Assistance with Community Activities including help in learning new skills, accessing community groups, sporting organisations.

  • Help with government departments and bills


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