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Short-term Accommodation (STA)

We Specialise in NDIS Disability Services. Short-term Accommodation or STA refers to our respite care that is provided for a limited period of time, upto about 14days usually. It is typically delivered in a residential house,a  unit or a flat. In certain circumstances, the provider may opt for an apartment at a hotel or in the comfort of your own home. 

STA services include:

  • Specialised 24/7 support staff

  • Assistance with medications

  • Assistance with personal care

  • Assistance with meals Social activities

Our services include:

  • Help with Budget management

  • Assistance with daily household tasks like cooking, cleaning and laundry

  • Help with using public transport for social visits

  • Assistance with personal care like showering and dressing

  • Support with grocery shopping

  • Help with Daily Skills training


We at Unique Care Services believe that our STA service is essential to maintain a healthy family life. The respite it provides is a welcome break for the primary carer and the family member with a disability. Our comfortable and relaxed environment ensures that your loved one is well looked after while you enjoy a well-deserved break for a weekend or for a couple of weeks.

We encourage you to try new activities including lunches, concerts, fetes, make new friends- all in a safe and supportive environment.


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